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Regina and her career coaching were the most important factors that enabled me to change my career path. In my first session with Regina, I immediately found a coach who was willing to listen, able to understand me and my personal needs, and finally I found someone who had the tools to guide me to my next career. Regina is extremely professional yet compassionate and able to ask questions that reveal things one may not know about his or her self. I have learned a tremendous amount from Regina throughout all of our interactions weather it be a one-on-one coaching session or a public speaking engagement. I highly recommend Regina as a coach and as a speaker for any organization -her energy, passion and ability to professionally develop and bring the best out of individuals and organizations is second to none!
— M. Maheux • Training/Education Sales Specialist
Survey Results:

I got ideas I would use immediately: 100%

Regina & Peter’s presentation was informative & lively: 100%

I would recommend this workshop to a friend or colleague: 100%
— Leadership Series • Webinars
Regina Darmoni has given me and my company individual and group business consultation that was clear fun and brought about great results that endure. I will use her coaching services again, without doubt. She’s able to focus on details and extrapolate from a broad range to help us make decisions and “own” them and to improve our processes. She’s inspired and guided me to implement an in-house mentoring program within my company.
— Charles Kellner • CEO • BasicEparts
I worked with Peter to prepare a talk that would showcase our fledgling organization to a global audience in Capetown South Africa. Within a few short sessions I had gone from reading my notes in a monotone to actually presenting with confidence, pacing the talk and using vocal variety. I felt safe to take risks, look foolish, and to grow and become confident. Though a master presenter himself, Peter was ever supportive of my own efforts. I highly recommend availing yourself of Peter’s coaching and consulting talents!
— Deborah Van Dyke • Director • Global Health Media Project
“I’m really excited to see Regina take all her experience from the high tech corporate world and marry it with some of her greatest talents – motivational speaking and coaching. Working in this field has made Regina multifaceted with a depth and breadth of business experience. Becoming Managing Director at Timely Transformations seems like such a natural evolution in her career. I’ve known Regina as an corporate executive, a leader, and a mentor. Professionally, Regina is one of the best leaders I’ve had the opportunity to work with. She knows precisely how to drive the strategy down to the team she manages. Like everything she does, she is clearly focused on the end result and knows exactly how to “get it over the goal line”. As a Mentor, she provides artful guidance that is insightful and compassionate. She has made a concerted effort during her career to take her skills and knowledge and share them with large forums in public speaking events and workshops. She makes the people around her want to be better, do more, and take on their fears.
— E. Cheer • Senior Sales Account Manager