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You’ve heard that you don’t get a second chance to make a good first impression. It’s also true that you don’t get many chances to make a lasting impression. As you make your way through your career, you want to make sure that everyone you come into contact with knows that you have put yourself on a path to excel, and you expect them to have the same operating assumption!  Each year you have a chance to reinforce this message when you develop your annual business commitments to your organization. Are you saying, “promote me” and “reward me” or “ignore me”?  Your success demands that you use and behave according to leadership language – avoiding languish language at all costs.

Leadership Styles

To be an effective leader, you need to understand your own personality and communication styles and develop people-reading skills to communicate and collaborate successfully with co-workers and clients who may have differing styles. The Timely Transformations team will lead an interactive session to help you will identify your personality styles and preferences and provide a model with which you can readily identify the personality styles and preferences of others.  Using this information, you can tailor communication and messaging to suit the style of your listener. Improve your effectiveness, productivity and team relations.


Leadership for a Change

You may be ready for a change, but perhaps your colleagues or employees are not quite ready. You have a vision, but no path to achieve it.  You have a goal, but no mindshare.  How will you enact this vision and how will you know when you get there? Using a modified ACE model for change, the Timely Transformations team will share concepts to move your employees and colleagues from resistant to revitalized!  This session addresses personal engagement, individual and organizational resistance, and basic coaching techniques to move a team toward achievement of its goals.