Now Playing (in Your Office): Godzilla?

My eight - year- old self has been waiting with great joy and anticipation to see the new release of my all time favorite monster movie, Godzilla!  How many campy, solo, Saturday afternoon sit-downs did I dedicate to the ‘Radiant One’ as he took on Mothra, Rodan, Ghidorah and even, of all potential foes, King Kong!  (You don’t ask questions at Godzilla-thons, you merely enjoy.)  As I was going down memory lane recently, before I could even say, “Poor Tokyo!”  it occurred to me that I’d seen and experienced at least one side of Godzilla more recently than those long ago, solo Saturdays.  In fact, I realized that I’ve worked  with Godzilla. A lot.    Perhaps you have, too.

Think about it: a monster facing you with fire spewing from its mouth.  That’s one popular form of office communication that more than a few of us have seen.  And Godzilla has those tiny, tyrannosaurus-like arms –perfect for extending them as only a tyrannosaurus can – as in, not at all , when he agrees to “reach out” to help you when you need help.  And what is that tail doing when the tiny little arms are ‘reaching out’?  It’s behind our monster, thrashing and trashing.  We know there’s an office metaphor for that behavior, too.

I said that the office monster resembles a side of the Godzilla that I knew and loved as a child.  That’s because movie  Godzilla evolved  to become a sympathetic character that we called upon and rooted for over other invading monsters. Though initially toxic, merciless and seemingly unchecked and unstoppable, movie Godzilla eventually got onto our side. How much better would life be (and innovation, collaboration and profit levels?) if the Godzilla’s in our offices matured and evolved, too?  A little more emotional intelligence- specifically self-awareness and self management- as well as conflict mastery skills, are to be required of our office Godzilla's.  We cannot continue to tolerate office Godzilla's.  We have to be able to root for our teammates - or we have to root them out. 

I hope the directors of the film will show us the more teammate-like Godzilla; an anti-hero sent to save us – not sear us. I want the Godzilla character we can root for and he's rooting for us.  I’d like to see new movie Godzilla save Tokyo again or at least Poughkeepsie.  Otherwise, seeing the movie may be just like another day in the office – at least for some, singed people. 

What do you think?

Regina Darmoni is a co-founder of Timely Transformations, a partnership dedicated to professional and personal development training for improved team and individual productivity and profitability.  She is a former Fortune 100 tech & business executive who invites you to ‘like’ Timely Transformations on Facebook and/or visit our home page for more information about us.  An update to Regina’s book, Real Mentors Tell You This, is being released in the fall of 2014.