The Next 40 Days: Let the Countdown Begin!

There’s a pretty well known story about big events occurring over the course of 40 days: I know you know the epic tale.  While we certainly can’t compete with that story, our next 40 days promise –not a flood- but a terrific series of events here at Timely Transformations.  Here are the three ways we’re going to ‘make it rain’ in the next 40 days:

1. Getting training from a global leader

We’re going to see Pat Lencioni!  Countdown to the road trip for training on Pat's newest product  We (and one of our clients) were beta testers for this product, and we can’t wait to see Pat (live!) talking about it and preparing us all for launch.  Many of you were familiar with the stories in Pat’s last book, “The Five Dysfunctions of a Team” (did it seem like he did character studies or interviews for that book in your office?), so it will be great to work with tools designed to get teams moving to a more cooperative state!

2. Getting visible on-line

We’ve updated the Timely Transformations website.

We’ve created a Timely Transformations FaceBook page.

Regina joined the “30 day Blitz”: a LinkedIn group challenge.  

We’ve created Twitter accounts for the Timely Transformations team. 

3. Getting exercise. Golf counts, right?

Peter started his exercise program last November and is still going strong. To support his enthusiastic on-going effort (it’s hard to live with a trained coach and not get yourself moving) Regina has agreed to take up golf with him. Golf lessons have begun! We are taking a team vow to put in at least 15 hours of lessons or practice in the next 40 days, in preparation for the April season start.  It’s a sacrifice, but somebody has to do it.  We’re going to practice what we preach: fun and exercise contribute to better work and better lives.

 We're getting visible, getting training, and getting game.

I am thrilled with the way 2014 is starting.  Let the 40 days begin!