We focus on skill building for technical professionals and their leadership teams.
We strengthen, facilitate, develop, coach and train for business and professional growth.



Presentations to inform,inspire AND entertain. We "speak" technology, teaming, engagement, career success, performance, women-in-technology, leadership and effectiveness.  We are a technology & business exec, and a Broadway-trained performer and educator; we understand that an audience has to 'feel it' to 'get it.'




We lead interactive and lively workshops to drive improved team productivity, collaboration, communication and engagement. We provide tools and models to encourage self-examination, new behaviors, and accountability to self and the team. We offer a suite of on-site workshops focused on leadership development and improving team performance.




 A good mentor should be a terrific compliment to your manager and must be capable of having frank and direct conversations with you. If you are not having these kinds of talks with your mentors, then you are not being actively mentored, and if you are not being actively mentored, you should know, real mentors tell you this...

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